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Complete Guide to Custom Closets in Houston

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Closets can be incredibly effective for storing everything from clothes and shoes to beach bags and outerwear – you just need to step away from basic closet designs and enter the world of custom closets in Houston. Follow this guide to help you design the perfect custom closet for your needs.

Custom Closets: A Guide to Your Dream Space

The ideal closet for one person may not be right for you. Learn about a variety of storage ideas you can incorporate in your custom closet in Houston based on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Many of your desired closet features can be determined by your style identity.

Ideal Features in Woman’s Custom Closets

  • Shallow, velvet-lined drawers with separate compartments for necklaces, earrings and bracelets prevent your favorite jewelry from ever getting tangled again.
  • An accessory rack can hold scarves, belts and long necklaces.
  • Adjustable shelves can hold purses, sweaters and other bulky items you don’t want to hang up.
  • Cubbies showcase your shoe collection.

Features Needed in a Man’s Closet

  • A shoe rack close to the ground keeps shoes off the floor.
  • A tie rack organizes belts and ties to make them easier to find and help them last longer.
  • Shallow drawers store socks, undergarments and baseball caps out of sight.
  • Slide-out baskets can hold sweat pants, running jackets and other sports accessories.

If you share a closet with your significant other, consider taking one side while your partner takes the other to prevent stepping on one another’s toes.

Figure Out What Style of Closet Fits Your Needs Best

With various features in mind, it’s time to determine how much space you actually need to store you and your partner’s clothes, shoes and accessories. Finding custom closets that meet your needs is a bit of a balancing act. Each type has it’s own specific pros and cons; but here are a few features to think about!

Walk-in Closets

custom closets made from wood in houston

A large walk-in closet in the master suite is of course ideal. The size can still vary dramatically, from a few square feet to the size of a spacious bedroom. The larger your walk-in closet is, the more important dividing the space into separate zones becomes.

For instance, you should designate higher, harder-to-reach places for seasonal items that come and go. The level that sits right at your waist – also known as the “hot zone” – is the ideal place for things you access the most, such as shallow drawers holding socks and undergarments. Finally, you want to keep the floor space open for storing shoes.

If you have the space, your walk-in closet could certainly benefit from a center island. This increases storage and gives you a convenient place to set out clothes and accessories for the following day.

Reach-in Closets


When you have limited space or fewer items to store, a reach-in closet is appropriate. While a classic reach-in closet contains nothing more than a hanging rod and a shelf, you can install a custom closet in Houston to contain so much more. Cube organizers, drawer units, adjustable shelves and multiple hanging rods help you maximize storage space in a smaller reach-in closet.

You can even make use of the door itself by adding hooks to hang jackets on or over-the-door shoe racks to free up space in the rest of the closet. With a knowledgeable closet designer by your side, you can get more out of your reach-in closet than you ever thought possible.

Find Closet Systems That Work for You.

From inexpensive do-it-yourself closet systems to custom wood closets complete with detailed millwork, you have a wide range of systems to choose from.

coated-wire-closet-organization-systemsCoated Wire Closet Systems

Possibly the most basic and affordable closet organization system, the Coated Wire Closet System is easy to install and generally offers limited versatility.

This economical choice is versatile and widely available from the home improvement section of your favorite big-box store.

Wire provides good air circulation and is easy to clean, but it has the appearance of being cheap and temporary. You can also have custom coated wire closet systems done; however, many designers recommend against investing in the money for that.

I would definitely recommend saving for a dream closet if you’re like me and you love organized and luxury spaces in your home. For just a little more money, you can opt for a Melamine Closet system that gives the appearance of a wood stain without the cost. Melamine’s are a great cheap alternative to a custom wood closet.

custom-melamine-closets-in-houstonMelamine Closet Systems

Similar to a laminate floor, Melamine is made of resin-coated particleboard or fiberboard that gives off the appearance of painted or stained wood.

This is another economical choice – and most would argue a more attractive one than wire closet systems – but the quality of melamine varies. It’s really important to sample building materials that your contractor proposes for a project like this, so that you don’t end up with a lack-luster design.

Thicker boards and thermally infused products (as opposed to cold-pressed melamine) are preferred. With a melamine you can save on the cost of building your closet and get alternatives to wood systems.

Not only that, but you can somewhat tailor and customize what your finish looks like without spending huge amounts of money.

Melamine closets in Houston, much like custom wood closets, can be customized and drawn up in a huge variety of shapes and functions.

You can get custom shelving arrangements, drawers and cubbies included making them a crowd favorite.

wood-built-custom-closetsCustom Wood Closet Systems

When money isn’t a huge object, the favored option for a custom closet is to get custom wood closets. Having a custom wood closet in Houston not only raises the value of your home, but it creates an inviting, luxurious feeling space that you’ll almost never want to leave.

Known for it’s durability and quality, natural wood built closet systems last the longest and resist ware and tare the best. Perfect for even custom kids closets, natural wood is a great way to build a dream closet that you know will last forever.

Wood closets are also preferred because of their strength. Your contractor can build in a seemingly endless array of add-ons to a wood closet without fear of structural instability.

Shop-built wood closet systems are the most attractive option, with features to rival your kitchen cabinets or living room entertain center.

While custom wood is the most expensive option, quality hinges, durable shelves and advanced features make it by far the most desirable.

Get Custom Closet Inspiration

Browse the web to discover different types of closet designs. Let these images inspire you as you plan your dream closet. Print off a few of your favorites and take them with you when you meet with your custom closet designer in Houston. This ensures everyone is on the same page about what you want the finished product to look like.

When you’re ready, please contact Natural Stone Gallery. We can help implement the closet styles, features and organization systems you need to make the most of every closet in your home.

White Wood Custom Closet Inspiration custom-closets-with-florals-inspiration custom-wood-closets-in-houston

accessory and shoe station in houston closet

Custom Closet Ideas for Houston Homeowners

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Are you tired of wasting time rummaging through a cluttered closet for clothes, shoes and accessories that seem to get swallowed up in the mess? Do you get anxious any time you think about searching for something in your closet? Save time and reduce stress by incorporating useful custom closet ideas in your Houston home. Here are a few design concepts you’re sure to fall in love with.

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Include More than Just a Shelf and Hanging Rod

custom closet idea shelf

In ordinary closets, you have nothing more to work with than a hanging rod or two and a lone shelf. Help your closet stay more organized by adding many of the other useful accessories seen here, including:

  • Drawers
  • Shoe racks
  • Pull-out wicker hamper
  • Accessory shelves with divided compartments
  • Spiral clothing rack
  • Tie hooks

Put a Dresser in Your Custom Closet

To save space in the bedroom, relocate the dresser to your closet. For the most streamlined look, have a new dresser custom-built into your closet. This lets you store all your clothes in one place, saving you time as you get ready in the morning.

Make Your Closet a Dressing Room

Walk-in closets are a must for the master bedroom. This gives you enough space to divide His and Her sides. Close the door behind you and get dressed in the privacy of your very own dressing room. In this high-class custom closet example, you have everything you need to get ready for the day, from floor-length mirrors and plenty of lighting to an upholstered bench to sit on while you put on your shoes.

Put an Island in Your Closet

You know how useful islands are in the kitchen. If you have room for it, put one in your closet, too! This helps you make the most out of every square foot by providing additional shelves, drawers and/or shoe racks in the center of the room. It also provides a surface to set clothes and accessories as you get ready in the morning.dresser and island in a custom closet

Include an Ironing Station

No one likes ironing, but the chore is much less annoying when you don’t have to worry about wrestling with an old ironing board or worrying about rambunctious kids knocking it over. The solution is to install a pull-out ironing board right in the closet. Simply pull out the drawer when you have something to iron, and when you’re done, just slide the board back into its designated drawer. It’s as easy as that.

accessory and shoe station in houston closetInstall an Accessory Station

If you love jewelry, purses, scarves and other accessories, give them an organized home right your closet. In this example, an entire cabinet is dedicated to storing accessories, including necklace racks on the door and slide-out shelves with dividers to keep everything neat and organized.

Show off Your Shoes

If you have a shoe collection you’re proud of, let each pair shine on a custom floor-to-ceiling shoe rack. In this example, boots hang off the ground to help them keep their shape and last longer. With this setup, you’ll be able to find exactly which shoes you’re looking for – though you still have to decide which pair to wear that day.

Are you ready to incorporate some of these ideas in your Houston home? Contact us for a free quote today so you can get your custom closet remodeling project started!