Custom Cabinets: The Houston Buyer’s Guide

custom cabinets in houston kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most exciting rooms in your home to renovate, and the cabinets are a popular feature to upgrade. You can expect your remodeling project to make you happy for years to come and provide a high return on investment – as long as you make the right decisions. To take a little pressure off, follow this Houston buyer’s guide to selecting custom cabinets for your home.

Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Style

You have three styles to choose from, which affect the price and quality of your cabinet installation:

  • Stock cabinets are mass produced and usually available the same day or within a few days of ordering. Sizes, colors and designs are limited, but the price is right if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Semi-custom cabinets are made to order based on standard sizes and styles. This added flexibility makes it easier to design cabinets to fit your specific needs. Just keep in mind that delivery takes longer because these cabinets are built after you order them. They’re also more expensive than stock cabinets.
  • Custom cabinets are the most flexible, high-end cabinets you can purchase. They accommodate special requests and work in oddly sized or irregularly shaped spaces in your kitchen. Starting from scratch, a custom cabinet maker can construct just about anything you need. While prices vary widely depending on the size, materials and other options, you can expect custom cabinets to cost more than stock and semi-custom cabinets.

Choose Quality Custom Cabinet Construction

Don’t take it for granted that an expensive cabinet is a high-quality cabinet. Learn what features to look for to help you identify and choose quality construction over a cheap imitation:

  • Cabinet doors shouldn’t vary much between price levels. Look for doors with solid wood frames surrounding a solid wood or plywood panel, as opposed to a medium-density fiberboard or veneered particle board panel.
  • Drawers must be well built because they get a lot of use over the years. They should be made of solid wood with dovetail joinery. A plywood drawer bottom should fit grooves on all four sides. Avoid particle board drawers that are simply stapled together.
  • Hardware affects the life of your kitchen cabinets. Drawers should feature full-extension glides rather than having an integrated side rail or under-mounted double roller. Choose the “soft close” feature if you want to stop drawers from slamming shut. Door hinges, knobs and pulls change the aesthetics of your kitchen and make drawers and cabinets easier to open. Make a selection based on your personal preference.
  • Shelves should be three-quarter-inch plywood. Thinner particle board shelves tend to sag under the weight of heavy dishes and cookware.

Consider Important Features

Extra features increase the investment cost, but they can make your life easier for years to come. Custom cabinet features to consider include:

  • Pull-out trash cans
  • Built-in charging stations for your electronics
  • Roll-out shelves
  • Spring-loaded shelves that swing up and out
  • Built-in pot and pan rack

Choose the Right Installer

To ensure you get everything you want and more from your Houston kitchen remodeling project, be sure to select your cabinet installer carefully. You can count us to provide sound advice and help you make the best cabinet upgrade for your needs and budget. Our quality custom cabinets are sure to add beauty and functionality to your kitchen for many years to come. Contact us for a free quote today so you can get started making your dream kitchen a reality!